Dot Matrix R Click Board™

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The Dot Matrix R Click Board™ is a display device Click Board™ based on a four-digit dot matrix display module, labelled as HCMS-3906 from a company Avago (Broadcom Inc). The module holds four 5x7 dot matrices, with very closely spaced, bright red pixel elements. Characters are very clearly displayed as a result. Pixels emit a bright red colour when lit, which makes the display readable in any condition. Each display can be directly interfaced with a microprocessor, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome interface components.

The serial IC interface allows higher character count information displays with a minimum of data lines. The easy to read 5x7 pixel format allows the display of upper case, lower case, Katakana, and custom user-defined characters. The bright red display matrix has a wide viewing range, which makes it perfectly suited for low light situations.