Embedded Development Tools
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Embedded Development  Tools and Electronic Test Equipment

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I2C Bus Host Adapters

USB to I2C Interfaces to Simulate an I2C Bus Master or Slave.  Also Great For In-Circuit Programming.

In-System Programmers

Program Flash and EEPROM Devices via an SPI Interface from the Host PC.

Tag-Connect™ Test Cables

In-Circuit Programming and Debugging Cables. Reduces Cost and Board Space.

Click Boards™

Click Boards for over 1000 Devices using mikroBUS. Includes Example Code for Fast Development.

Rugged Cases

Protect Your Valuable Equipment in Transit. Build Your Product into a Case for Ruggedness.

Development Boards

Speed Up Development of Your New Product with a Development Board. 

Logic Analysers

From 8-Channels to 64-Channels. With Over 130 Interface Decoders.


Bench, USB, Hand-Held, Android and iOS Versions.

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