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The Electronic Engineers Tool Store

If you are a professional embedded design engineer or keen electronics amateur, The Debug Store has been created just for you. It is an Aladdin's cave packed full of goodies.

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Today's New Product

MikroElektronika USB to I2C Click Board

Protocol Adapter
  • Convenient USB Interface for I2C Devices
  • Based on the FT260 - USB device that supports I2C and UART communication through standard USB HID class interfaces from FTD
  • Full speed HID class USB device, USB2.0 compliant with entire USB protocol handled on the chip, supported by most operation systems, custom driver is not required, I2C Master interface, standalone operation, and more
Tuesday 27/09/2022

Featured Product

Total Phase Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Ultimate Edition

Superspeed USB Analyser

The Beagle™ USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer, the winner of Best in Test 2012, is a world-class USB 3.0 bus monitor that provides real-time interactive capture and analysis of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 traffic (up to 5 Gbps).

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Featured Product

Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 RSA500X Spectrum Analyser

Spectrum Analyser

The SPECTRAN V6 RSA500X is one of Aaronia's latest generation of high-performance real-time spectrum analyzers. The SPECTRAN V6 RSA500X comes with 300/440GHz/s sweep speed. The SPECTRAN® V6 X is available in three versions: V6-RSA250X, V6-RSA500X and V6-RSA2000X - with a max. instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q) of up to 245 MHz (via 2 x USB). The analyser is compatible to all common Aaronia antennae.

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Top Categories

Host Adapters

Host Adapters for I2C, SPI, CAN Bus, LIN Bus and IEEE488/GPIB Bus.

In-System Programmers

Program Flash and EEPROM Devices via an SPI Interface from the Host PC.

Tag-Connect™ Test Cables

In-Circuit Programming and Debugging Cables. Reduces Cost and Board Space.

Click Boards™

Click Boards for over 1000 Devices using mikroBUS. Includes Example Code for Fast Development.

Electronic Loads

Array and Maynuo Electronic Loads. <500W too over 200KW. 

Spectrum Analysers

Analysers from Hantek, Aaronia AG. From handheld to command centres.


From 8-Channels to 64-Channels. With Over 130 Interface Decoders.


Bench, USB, Hand-Held, Android and iOS Versions.

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Featured Manufacturers

Fieger Technology

The Fieger ClampMan™ is the perfect solution for Precision Probing. Due to its flexible and sturdy metal design it is possible to perfectly position each PCB for tasks such as measuring, soldering or thermal imaging.

Total Phase

Total Phase, Inc is a leading provider of embedded systems development tools for engineers all over the world. Total Phase's mission is to create powerful, high-quality, and affordable solutions for the embedded engineer.